Wind Anemometer
Wind Anemometer
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TXFS anemometer is a device used to measure wind speed in areas such as construction machinery (cranes, crawler cranes, gantry cranes, tower cranes, etc.), railways, ports, docks, power plants, weather, cableways.

1. Functions

The product of electronic technology, microcomputer technology as one. Its main functions are as follows:
Can automatically detect the wind speed signal and enter the instrument for computer processing; show wind speed and wind and temperature
The instrument can automatically alarm pre-set parameters. Such as: preset wind speed alarm value.

2. Features

Motherboard core independent development of MS51 microcontroller motherboard and its supporting standard I / O board, plus the corresponding signal conditioning module, the data acquisition and output control can be flexible changes, further improve the reliability;
Low power consumption, digital circuits all use CMOS chip;
Has a power failure memory function, you can work long term;
Has a strong anti-electromagnetic interference function;
Install and debug all the keyboard operation, to the user to change the crane after the adjustment conditions to bring great convenience;
Instrument backplane terminal is convenient and clear;
With sound alarm function;

3. The anemometer system

TX-FS01 type wks-fs type anemometer by the wind speed sensor, host, transmission cable and other ancillary devices.
1) Wind sensor
The wind speed sensor wind cup by the high weather resistance, high strength, anti-corrosion and waterproof metal manufacturing, the sensor shell using aluminum-magnesium alloy forming, the internal circuit are sprayed three anti-paint treatment, the sensor has a good resistance to harsh environments Sexual advice 13156449828 View
The wind speed sensor outputs a TTL pulse signal.
2) Host
Anemometer host by the signal processing circuit, single-chip circuit, digital tube display, alarm control circuit, chassis with ABS plastic shell, the box is equipped with highly reliable power supply, with a very reliable anti-electromagnetic interference, high and low voltage protection , To ensure that the host in the -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, humidity 10% -95% range of normal work.
3) Automatic alarm circuit
When the wind speed exceeds the forecast wind speed, the sound will automatically alarm, prompting the staff attention.
Measuring range: 0 ~ 30 m / s or 0 ~ 60 m / s or customized according to user requirements
Measurement accuracy: ± 0. 2 m / s
Resolution: 0.1 m / s
Start the wind speed: <0.7 m / s
Display data: wind speed wind set the wind speed temperature
Input signal: TTL pulse signal
Working voltage: 220V AC

4. Installation and commissioning

1-Anemometer sensor installation: Anemometer sensor installed in the tower crane above the cabinet, fixed (if necessary, supplemented by fixed). Anemometer sensor installed, should ensure that the installation position level, tower crane work will not fall off. (Wind cup sensor size: 220 × 87 × 230mm)
2-Set the alarm wind
Press the set button to set the alarm wind level, between 1-12 conversion, the value of the numerical display is the alarm level.
Note: The wind speed sensor comes with a 6 m shielded cable connected to the main unit.
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