Three-motor Mechanism
Three-motor Mechanism
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700 1. This is one of our company's most featured and popular products, with gear reducer. Its parts and components are all high-quality products designed and produced by ourselves, so we can avoid effectively after-sale disputes.
2. Drive mechanism’s compact structure and high transmission efficiency can significantly reduce energy consumption.
As core part, it is necessary to be maintained daily. Oil level of reducer and lubrication of safety device, for example, need our constant attention.
(Drive mechanism is main parts of construction hoist, so customers need to offer drawing when ordering. Or we offer the drawing and customers confirm with seals)

The transmission mechanism of the construction elevator consists of a disc brake three-phase asynchronous motor, a planar secondary enveloping worm / torus wheeled worm gear and an anti-fall safety device. The drive mechanism of the construction elevator is the core drive and safety device Assembly, according to user needs can be designed to be a single drive, dual drive and three drives, for SCD series of heavy construction lifts, SC series of non-equivalent construction lifts, SCT light multi-purpose construction lifts, SCQ series tilt construction Type, different load, the number of different lobes and different types of construction of the lift. The product from the provision of varieties and quantity has always maintained an industry leading position, supporting and exported to foreign countries.
SC-type construction lift transmission mechanism by the construction of the lift with YZEJ132M-4 lifting disc brake three-phase asynchronous motor, the construction of the use of annular ring grinding wheel forming JWZC1-type reducer and SAJ-type anti-fall safety device composed of three parts, According to the user needs to design and manufacture of two transmission and three drive the type and different requirements of the installation size, is the construction of the core of the lift drive and safety devices.
Applicable to SCD-type construction of the lift, SC-type non-counterweight construction lifts, SCT-type light multi-purpose construction lifts, SCQ-type tilting construction lifts and other different models, different load, different number of slings and different structures Type of construction lift. Welcome to call the order of the company's production of different products.

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